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Bram Velsing

Published Tue Jun 13 2023 By Dbista
Bram Velsing

Bram Velsing, a brilliant scientist hailing from the nation of Latveria, harbored an unyielding ambition deep within his heart. Driven by a desire to free his people from the clutches of their malevolent ruler, Doctor Doom, Velsing's path was illuminated by a glimmer of hope. However, fate had a cruel twist in store for him. 

As Doom discovered Velsing's intentions, a sinister plan was set in motion. Velsing's life was forever altered when Doom fused an accursed mask onto his face. Now known as Dreadknight, Velsing embarks on a treacherous journey, navigating a dark world rife with vengeance, treachery, and formidable adversaries.

Early Life and Transformation

Bram Velsing hailed from the town of Schonstadt in Latveria. He was an ambitious engineer who found himself entangled in the service of Doctor Doom. As time passed, Velsing's dissatisfaction with Doom grew, perceiving him as a pitiful imitation of a man. Deep within, Velsing believed he possessed superior intellect and abilities. 

Bram Velsing's face before putting accursed mask.
Bram Velsing's face before putting accursed mask. Source: Marvel Database

However, his aspirations took a treacherous turn when Doom unearthed Velsing's betrayal. With cold, calculating precision, Doom subjected him to a cruel fate. Utilizing a bio-fusion apparatus, Doom permanently affixed a metal helmet resembling a skull onto Velsing's head, forever altering his appearance. This act of vindictiveness left Velsing emotionally scarred, humiliated, and forever marked by the reminder of his defiance.

The Frankenstein Connection

Fleeing Latveria, Velsing eventually found refuge with Victoria Frankenstein, the great-granddaughter of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, at her castle. Here, Velsing was nursed back to health while also encountering the winged horse of the criminal Black Knight. 

Victoria attempted to restore the horse to its original form but instead caused further mutation. Velsing decided to use the horse, his scientific intellect, and his terrifying appearance to seek revenge against Doom under the new identity of the Dreadknight.

The Plot to Steal Frankenstein's Secrets

In Dreadknight's relentless pursuit of revenge, he hatched a daring scheme to pilfer the precious notebooks of the enigmatic Victor Frankenstein. Little did he know that fate had other plans. Victoria, a resourceful ally, joined forces with the unlikely duo of Frankenstein's Monster and the indomitable Iron Man

Bram Velsing's after putting accursed mask. Source: Comic Vine

Through their collective efforts, they triumphed over Dreadknight, leaving him at the mercy of the Children. These unique creations, born of Dr. Frankenstein's genius, now held the responsibility of caring for the defeated foe, reminding us that even in the face of darkness, compassion can prevail.

Encounters with Heroes and Villains

During his time as the Dreadknight, Bram Velsing faced various heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. He was revived by the mystical villain's Morgan Le Fay and Mordred to battle against Captain Britain, Victoria Bentley, and Sean Dolan, only to be defeated by Dane Whitman, the heroic Black Knight. 

Dreadknight also joined Wizard's latest incarnation of the Frightful Four, alongside Trapster and Man-Bull, but was defeated by Spider-Man and Dr. Cargill's daughter, Turbine.

Temporary Rule Over Latveria

After Doctor Doom's unexpected demise in a confrontation with the formidable Onslaught, there was a temporary power vacuum in Latveria. Surprisingly, the cunning Dreadknight saw an opportunity to seize control of the country. However, his reign was short-lived. 

Bram Velsing from Marvel Comics. 
Bram Velsing from Marvel Comics. Source: Marvel

It was Spider-Man, along with the skilled Silver Sable and her loyal Wild Pack, who rose to the occasion and clashed with Dreadknight's forces in a fierce battle for Latveria's destiny. Their combined efforts proved successful, restoring order and thwarting Dreadknight's ambitious bid for power.

The Dread Knight's Abilities and Arsenal

Though he has no superhuman powers, the Dreadknight possesses the normal human strength of a man who engages in moderate regular exercise. His most notable feature is the mask bio-fused to his face, which cannot be removed. Dreadknight wears a steel-alloy body armor that provides him with superhuman strength and durability. 

Bram Velsing from Marvel Comics. Source: Comic Vine

His primary weapon is a power lance, equipped with various offensive technological devices such as energy blasts, electrified steel cable bolas, miniature missiles, and a carbon dioxide pistol that fires concentrated nerve gas.

Additionally, Dreadknight's intellect and engineering skills make him a formidable adversary. He rides the mutated flying black horse, Hellhorse, which was genetically engineered by Victoria Frankenstein from the flying white horse used by Nathan Garrett, the villainous version of the Black Knight.

Alternate Versions and Appearances in Other Media

In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, an alternate version of Bram Velsing appears in the Ultimate Comics: Armor Wars storyline. This version wears a suit of armor inspired by Iron Man's designs but with a skull motif and a color scheme reminiscent of the mainstream Marvel Universe Dreadknight.

Bram Velsing from Marvel Legends Marchendise. 
Bram Velsing from Marvel Legends Marchendise. Source: Pinterest

Dreadknight has also appeared in various television adaptations, such as the Iron Man animated series and Iron Man: Armored Adventures. Dreadknight-themed merchandise includes action figures and collectibles available in different toy lines, such as Marvel Super Hero Squad and Marvel Legends.

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