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Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

Published Tue Jul 26 2022 By James Smith
Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil is a masked vigilante who lost his eyesight when he was a kid. He lost his vision in an accident. But the disability to see allowed him to enhance his other senses. And that accident allowed him to live without any fear earning him the name, "Daredevil". 

Daredevil in Marvel Comics

Matt's father, Jack Murdock was a boxer under the name, Battlin' Jack. He raised Matt alongside his brother, Mike. His father always forced him to study hard instead of playing, so that he can become a successful person. 

Daredevil in Comics
Daredevil in Comics. Source: Cine Dope

After the death of his father, Matt searched for the killers of his father and even punished them. But later, he continued his studies. 

Matt attended Colombia Law School. His hard work paid off as he was able to earn his law degree and even secure a job for himself. 

Why is Matt Murdock known as Daredevil?

The reason behind the name "Daredevil" is quite simple. Since his father always forced him to study, the neighborhood kids always bullied him. 

The kids gave him the name Daredevil to humiliate him. Later, he went on to use the name to cover his identity.

How did Matt lose his Eye Sight in Comics?

One day, Matt came across a blind person who was walking straight toward a moving truck. He was successful in saving the blind person but in the process, the truck crashed.

When the truck got crashed, some radioactive isotope spilled out on Matt's face. The chemicals caused Matt to lose his eyesight but it enhanced his other senses.

Matt's Relationship with Elektra Natchios

During Matt's time at the Colombia Law School, he crossed paths with Elektra Natchios. Both of them instantly clicked with each other and fell in love.

However, Elektra's father died at the hands of the police. After this incident, she started staying low-key and even went away from Matt. 

Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil in Marvel Cinematic Universe

In MCU, Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer by day and a masked vigilante by night. After the death of his father, he got trained by a man named Stick to become a warrior. 

Matt Murdock shares a conversation with Peter Parker
Matt Murdock wears a suit while having a conversation. Source: The Direct

But Stick rejected Matt because of his compassion for Elektra. This led Matt to attend Colombia University along with Foggy Nelson for the Law Degree. 

How did Matt lose his Eye Sight in MCU?

It is quite similar to the story from comics. When a radioactive substance dropped into Matt's eye, he lost his eyesight. However, the remaining senses got enhanced because of the incident.

After training with Stick, he turned his disability to his advantage. And then he started fighting the crimes as a masked vigilante.

When does Karen Page find out that Matt Murdock is Daredevil? 

It was Matt Murdock who revealed his identity of Daredevil rather than Karen Page finding out about it herself. In the finale of the second season, Daredevil went to visit Karen Page. 

After meeting each other, Matt showed his Daredevil mask to Karen and said "I am Daredevil". 

Appearance in MCU

Daredevil made its first appearance back in 2015 with the Netflix series, "Daredevil". Ever since then the character has managed to gain positive feedback. 

Daredevil appeared in the three seasons of the series. Later on, he even appeared in a crossover "The Defenders". When everyone thought it was the end of this character, he made a cameo in "Spider-Man: No Way Home". 

And as per reports, Daredevil is set to appear in more MCU projects. The next time we will see him is in the Disney+ series, "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law". 

Daredevil will make an appearance in the Disney+ series "Echo" as well. Not only that, it's confirmed that we will be able to see Daredevil in his own series which will release in 2024. 

Losing his Eye Sight

At the age of nine, Matt saved a person from getting hit by a truck. But helping that person caused an accident. 

A chemical from the truck splashed into Matt's face causing him to go blind. However, Matt learned Braille and started using his enhanced senses within a few months.

Getting Trained by Stick

After the death of his father, Matt started living at the orphanage. During his time at the orphanage, a man named Stick visited him. 

Stick knew about Matt's enhanced senses. After having a brief conversation, he promised Matt to train him and help him control his abilities. 

Attending the Law School

When Matt grew up, he attended Colombia University Law School. During his time at the school, he came across Foggy Nelson

Within no time, the two of them formed a strong bond with each other. They often mocked each other which simply showed how close they were to each other.

Meeting Elektra Natchios

One night, Matt and Foggy decide to sneak into a party. At the party, Matt comes across Elektra. Both of them start communicating with each other.

Elektra even invited Matt to spend more time with her. Two of them then break into Fogwell's gym. Both of them start having a conversation which eventually leads them to be intimate with each other.

The Birth of the Masked Vigilante

The night after Matt and Foggy resigned from their work, Matt started facing trouble sleeping. He kept hearing the crying of his neighbor's daughter as her father always abused her.

To provide justice to that kid, Matt used an eyeless mask and a hoodie to ambush his neighbor. Matt then beat that man and warned him to never put his hands on his daughter. 

The Start of Nelson and Murdock

Foggy called Matt early in the morning to invite him to view the new offices. After meeting with Susan Harris, they were able to land a good building at a low price. 

As soon as they moved to their new office, Foggy received a call from Brett Mahoney. When Brett told them about Karen Page, they went to meet her. After having a conversation with her, they decided to defend her which was their first case.

Hiring Karen Page

After all the charges got dropped against Karen Page, she cooked a meal for Matt and Foggy as gratitude. 

Matt Murdock having a conversation with a young kid
Charlie Cox having a conversation. Source: Spotern

Foggy and Matt also agreed on hiring Karen to work as a secretary. Since she promised to work for free at first, they were more than happy to hire her. 

Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin

When Matt confronted John Healy, John revealed Wilson Fisk's name as his employer. Later, Matt got the opportunity to speak with Wilson for the first time.

During their conversation, Fisk revealed that Matt would be the one who will get blamed for the bombings. But Matt found his way out and escaped.

Meeting the Kingpin

At the Scene Contempo Gallery, Matt got approached by Vannesa Marianna. Both of them started having a conversation about the arts.

Soon after, Wilson Fisk arrived in the building. Matt didn't want to greet him but he did it anyway. Two of them then shared a conversation about New York City's future. 

Foggy Discover's Matt's Identity

Matt got heavily injured during a fight against Wilson's men. Even though he managed to escape, he got discovered by Foggy. 

Foggy got upset with Matt for not letting him know about his masked vigilante identity. Matt told everything about the bombings and the murders. And told about Wilson Fisk as well. 

The Design for the Red Suit

Matt started exploring Melvin Potter's workshop and at the table, he noticed some designs and blueprints. After having a brief confrontation with Melvin, Matt realized that Wilson forced Melvin to work for him. 

When Matt was about to leave, he promised Melvin that he will protect him but in return, he needs to design a suit for him.

The Duel with Wilson Fisk

After finding out about the escape of Wilson Fisk, Matt went to Melvin Potter's workshop to collect the new suit. Then he went straight to Wilson.

Both of them got involved in a fierce battle which ended with Matt landing a hard punch to the face of Wilson. He knocked him out and left him on the ground.

Confrontation with the Punisher

After locating the culprit that was going to kill Grotto, Matt got into a confrontation with that man. Just when Matt thought that he had the upper hand, the culprit shot him in the head with a pistol.

Daredevil having a conversation with the Punisher
Daredevil confronts Punisher. Source: Bustle

However, Matt survived that brutal confrontation as the bullet didn't penetrate through his helmet. At one point, he wasn't able to hear anything. He thought he lost his hearing as well but after some meditation, he was able to get his hearing back.

Confrontation with the Punisher Again

Matt found the Punisher on the nearby roof. Without having a second thought, he attacked him. While fighting each other, both of them crashed through a skylight into the building below.

Because of the fall, Matt started losing his hearing again. The Punisher used that situation in his favor and attacked Matt. 

The Dogs of Hell

With the help of the pistol, Matt freed himself from the chains. Then he attacked the Punisher but failed to stop the Punisher from shooting Grotto

When Matt was trying to escape from the building, he came across the Dogs of hell alongside their leader, Jimmy the Bear

Matt then got into a duel with the members of the Dogs of hell. After a fierce battle, he finally achieved success in defeating them.

Return of Elektra

After returning to his apartment, Matt started hearing a sound. Later, he realized that it was Elektra

Elektra apologized to Matt for leaving him. But soon revealed why she came back and wanted help from him.

Bonding with Elektra

Matt took Elektra to his apartment where he stitched her neck. Both of them started talking about the scars. Matt even asked where did she go after the night she left him.

Elektra revealed that she went as far as possible because Matt deserved better. Then both of them went to sleep in the living room.

The Return of Stick

After losing the case, Matt went to visit Elektra and warned her to stay out of his personal life. And, out of nowhere, they got attacked by the ninjas. 

The two of them fought the ninjas but during the duel, Elektra got injured. Just when one of the ninjas was about to attack them, Stick came to the rescue. 

Nobu Returns

After locating Gibson, he takes Matt to a farm. They found Hirochi on the farm. And when Hirochi took them inside the farm, they got ambushed by a ninja.

Matt got into a confrontation with the ninja. Ninja was victorious during the battle. After the battle, Matt realized that the ninja was Nobu himself. 

Helping Stick

After finding out that Elektra is trying to kill Stick, Matt went to Stick's hiding place to help him. But while helping Stick, Matt gets into a fight with Elektra. 

Matt tries to escape along with Stick but soon crosses paths with Nobu. Matt then started fighting Nobu, however, he managed to escape along with Stick and Elektra.

Battle with the Hand

Matt was successful in tracking the Hand's hideout. Then he goes to the hideout and knocks everyone out. He even frees all the hostages. 

But more ninjas arrive at the hideout and a fight starts between them. When one of the ninjas was about to attack Matt, Elektra arrives and saves him.

Two of them were able to beat down the ninjas down but when Nobu arrived, they started to struggle. During the fight, Elektra dies at the hand of Nobu.

Matt who is full of anger strikes at Nobu but fails. But the Punisher shows up to help Matt. At last, Matt succeeds in defeating Nobu. 

Returning to Normal Life

After the death of Elektra, Matt started living a normal life. He even started focusing on helping people as a lawyer. Soon after, he worked on a case and even won. 

On his way out of the court, Matt got greeted by Karen Page. She came to congratulate Matt on his victory. 

Reuniting with Foggy Nelson

Upon receiving a call from Foggy, Matt went to meet him. After meeting at a bar, both of them started talking about their life.

Foggy asked Matt whether he was continuing his vigilante work or not. To which, Matt replied that he wasn't. Before leaving, Foggy offered some files to help Matt keep himself busy.

Helping Jessica Jones

Matt received a phone call from Foggy who told him to be an attorney for Jessica Jones. Without any hesitation, Matt accepted and represented Jessica as an attorney.

After a brief conversation, Matt told Jessica that she was free to leave. But later, he started following her to know what was going on.

Meet The Defenders 

Matt followed Jessica into Midland Circle but soon after, Luke Cage and Iron Fist joined them. While having a conversation with them, Matt realized that someone was approaching.

The Defenders using the same elevator
Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Luke Cake in an elevator. Source: CNBC

It was no one other than Elektra. Elektra managed to subdue Matt but Iron Fist came to help him at the right time. The group then retreated and escaped the building.

Confrontation with Iron Fist

After a brief conversation with them, all of them believed that Iron Fist could be some kind of a key. But Iron Fist was against it. 

Everyone insisted that Iron Fist should stay hidden, but Iron Fist tried to leave the theatre. But Matt stopped him in his tracks. 

A fight between them started. Iron Fist tried to gain the upper hand but Matt countered him every time. During the fight, Matt lost his hearing temporarily because of the shockwave.

Taking the advantage of the situation, Iron Fist tried to escape. But Matt managed to catch his leg. While struggling to escape from Matt, Jessica arrived and punched Iron Fist leaving him unconscious. 

Iron Fist Gets Kidnapped

After returning to the hideout, Matt realized that something was off. 

Soon, he found out that Elektra was fighting Stick, while Iron Fist and Luke Cage were unconscious on the ground. Elektra managed to kill Stick and even kidnap Iron Fist. 

Fighting Elektra

After defeating the Hand's goons and saving Iron Fist, Matt told everyone to leave the building. When everyone left, Matt confronted Elektra.

Both of them get into a fierce battle. During the battle, the two of them start talking about their relationship. At last, both of them share a kiss while the building collapsed. 

Return of Daredevil

After the building collapsed, Matt spent a few weeks unconscious. After gaining consciousness, he started training again.

Even though Matt's senses were still not completely healed, he went to the streets. He tried helping people but lost the battle as he was not completely healed. 

Going into Ryker's Island

To find out why Albanian Syndicate wanted to kill Wilson Fisk, Matt traveled to Ryker's Island. 

But while investigating, Matt got into a fight with the inmates. He tried to fight them as well but he was not able to do so. With the help of guards, at last, he managed to escape the prison.

Daredevil vs. Daredevil

At the New York Bulletin Building, Matt met with Foggy. While they were waiting, Matt heard a noise. Upon inspecting the noise, he came across an imposter who was using the disguise of the Daredevil.

Soon after, a fight between them started. The real Daredevil had the upper hand throughout the fight. But when a shelf got thrown, he got unconscious. 

Finding his Mother

When Matt returned to the Church, he started training. While training, he heard Grace's praying. He then realized that Grace was his mother he never knew. 

Battle with Kingpin

Matt successfully convinced Pointdexter to turn against Wilson. Then he went to Wilson's penthouse. After a fierce battle, Matt started beating Wilson.

Wilson tried everything to bait Matt into killing him. But Matt refused to kill him. Matt then went on to make a deal with Kingpin which he accepted.

At last, Kingpin got arrested. Not only him but Pointdexter got arrested as well. 

Matt Murdock's Cameo in Spiderman: No Way Home

After the death of Mysterio, Spiderman faced some legal issues. As a defense lawyer, Matt showed up in Peter Parker's apartment. 

Daredevil's Ability

  1. Enhanced Reflexes
  2. Enhanced Balance
  3. Enhanced Senses
  4. Expert in Martial Art
  5. Expert Marksman
  6. Skillful Acrobat
  7. Genius Lawyer
  8. Genius Tactician

Daredevil's Equipment

  1. Billy Club
  2. Kyoketsu-Shoge
  3. Katana
  4. Armored Suit

Daredevil's Suit

  1. Prototype Suit
  2. Yellow and Black Suit
  3. Red Suit
  4. Armored Suit
  5. Shadowland Suit

Which actor portrays the role of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil in MCU?

Charlie Cox portrays the role of Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is an English actor who has cemented a legacy through outstanding performance in most of his projects.

Charlie Cox wears a suit in a event
Charlie Cox wears a suit at an event. Source: TV Fanatic

Cox has done an outstanding job in portraying the role of Matt Murdock. With his performance, he managed to grab a lot of praise and love from the audience as well as the critics.

When will we see Daredevil in the upcoming Disney+ series?

Within no time, we will be seeing him in the future MCU projects. First of all, he will make an appearance in "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law". Soon after, we can see him in another Disney+ series "Echo". 

All this appearance will finally lead to his own series that will release in the Phase five. Since it's already confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, we will definitely see him as Daredevil in his own series, "Daredevil: Born Again". 

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