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Doctor Doom - Fantastic Four

Published Mon Aug 01 2022 By James Smith
Doctor Doom - Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom is an antagonist politician and considered one of the most decorated supervillains in the Marvel Universe. He is the supreme leader of Latveria. During an accident, he got scar all over his face. Because of this, he started using helmet and armor to hide his face. 

Doctor Doom is even one of the most brilliant scientists on Earth. Not only that, he is also a sorcerer with high skills in magic as well. He is even considered as a potential candidate for Sorcerer Supreme.

Doctor Doom's Early Life in Comics

Victor Von Doom, aka Doctor Doom attended the State University in Hegeman, New York. During his time there, he crossed paths with Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. However, their dislike for each other started growing in no time.

Doctor Doom having a conversation
Doctor Doom in Comics. Source: Marvel Comics

Among all the chaos, Victor started getting obsessed with developing a machine to project astral form. He wanted to project an astral form of a being into other dimensions. He was doing all this to free his mother's soul from Mephisto

Doctor Doom in Comics

When the machine was ready, Reed pointed out the issues in the machine. But Victor ignored Reed's advice thinking that he might be pranking him. 

However, the machine exploded during the test. Because of the explosion, Victor had scars all over his face. Not only that, he got expelled from the university as well. 

Later, Victor started exploring the world and eventually ended up in a small Tibetan village. The monks from the village helped Victor in creating a suit of armor. 

After that, Victor returned to his homeland. Upon returning, he overthrew the leader and declared himself as the new king. Then with the help of his country's resources, he started his plan to dominate the world. This is how Doctor Doom was born. 

Doctor Doom's Conflict with the Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom has got involved in a conflict with several superheroes. But it is fair to say that the Fantastic Four is his archenemy. 

Doctor Doom had his battle against the Fantastic Four on several occasions. But it all started when he confronted them by keeping Sue Storm as a hostage. And then forced them to travel back in time to retrieve the mystical Stones of Merlin

Doctor Doom alongside the Fantastic Four
Doctor Doom wielding Mjolnir. Source: Pinterest

Who is Doctor Doom's First Love? 

Doctor Doom was born and raised in a Romani Camp in Latveria. In the camp, he came across Valeria and both of them instantly fell in love with each other. 

However, Doom had no other choice then leaving her behind when he visited United States to study. Few years later, they met each other again when Valeria got captured by Diablo

But when Valeria got free from the imprisonment, she realized that the change in Doom's personality. But Doctor Doom kept insisting that he is still in love with her. 

How did Valeria Die? 

When Valeria realized Doctor Doom's real intention, she ran away and started living in the United States. But within no time, Doom was able to locate her. 

After locating Valeria, Doctor Doom visited her and convinced her that he won't do anything wrong. However, he had different intentions as he was there to take her as a sacrifice.

Doctor Doom had an agreement with the Cabal for mystic powers for the sacrifice of something valuable to him. Later, Valeria got killed when the demonic spell got unleashed. 

Is Doctor Doom the Godfather of Reed Richards and Sue Storm's Daughter? 

When Reed was away due to some reason, Sue Storm started having problems with her second pregnancy. To save his sister, Johnny called Doctor Doom for some help.

When Doctor Doom arrived, he achieved success in saving Sue's daughter. But after the birth of the baby, Doom told Sue that he wanted something in return.

Actually, Doctor Doom wanted to name Reed and Sue's daughter. When he got permission, he gave her the name Valeria. He named her Valeria in the memory of his first love.   

Is Doctor Doom a member of the Cabal?

Yes, Doctor Doom is a member of the Cabal. The consequences of the Skrull Invasion led Doom to join the Cabal alongside Norman Osborn, Namor, Loki, Emma Frost, and the Hood

Doctor Doom vs. Doctor Strange

During the final incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610, Doom ruled the patchwork planet. The name of the planet was Battleworld. He received help from Stephen Strange who was a Battleworld's sheriff at that time. 

Everyone kneels infront of Doctor Doom while he sits in his throne
Everyone Kneeling infront of Doctor Doom. Source: Marvel Comics

After several years, an empty vessel in the domain got found known as Utopolis. Later, Sherriff Strange got his hands on the vessel and immediately recognized the design. 

Soon after, Strange started investigating about the vessel. Later, he let everyone from the vessel leave as well. The survivors present in the vessel were Namor, Black Panther, and Mr. Fantastic

Later, a battle started in the Battleworld. However, Stephen used his magic to teleport everyone away. Doom felt disrespected and confronted Stephen for his actions. But in the end, Doom killed Sherriff Strange.  

Doctor Doom's Romantic Encounter with Sue Storm

When the planet Battleworld was still in it's early phase, Doom crossed paths with an alternate version of the Fantastic Four. However, Reed Richards didn't exist in this one. 

Sue Storm from the alternate version of the Fantastic Force fell in love with Doctor Doom. Not only that, they even had two children. There names are Franklin and Valeria

Doctor Doom's Face

Doctor Doom has revealed his face quite a few times in Comics. At first, it was just a scar. But later on, it got revealed that Doctor Doom had a completely disfigured face behind his mask. 

Doctor Doom's Fully Discovered Face
Doctor Doom's Face. Source: Marvel Comics

During his romantic encounter with Sue Storm, Doctor Doom did reveal his face. But when he did that, it was a fully disfigured face without a nose as well.

Doctor Doom vs. Thanos

Just like Mr. Fantastic, Namor, and Black Panther, the Cabal led by Thanos arrived at the Battleworld as well with the help of vessel. 

Being one of the powerful villain, Thanos went on to face Doctor Doom. Thanos knew about the great powers that Doctor Doom possessed. But he still went to confront him. 

When Thanos started confronting Doctor Doom, a fierce battle could have started between them. However, Doom ripped off Thanos's skeleton from his body. 

Is Doctor Doom the Greatest Villain in Comics?

Doctor Doom is one of the greatest characters in Marvel Comics and there is no doubt about that. The unrelenting purpose and opinion he had in himself definitely made him a better villain. 

Doctor Doom in a hoodie using a gun
Doctor Doom using a gun. Source: Marvel Comics

But at times, Doom has showed his heroic side as well. It is fair to say that the Marvel Multiverse would not have existed if it was not for Doom's will. 

Doctor Doom's Costume in Comics

Doctor Doom's Costume is one of the iconic one in Marvel Comics. Among his costume, his face mask is the most unique. The scar he received during an accident led him to use the face mask. And ever since then he is donning that mask in Comics. 

Talking about Doctor Doom's armor, it is quite similar to Iron Man. Doctor Doom's tech armor allows him to have invulnerability and super strength. Not only that, Doctor Doom can even fly and shoot force blasts from his armor. 

Doctor Doom in Marvel Cinematic Universe

Doctor Doom is yet to make his first appearance in MCU. But since it's confirmed that we will be getting "Avengers: Secret Wars", Doctor Doom is imminent to appear in the MCU. 

But as per rumors, we will be able to see him before hand. "Fantastic Four" movie is still far away but there are chances that we might see Doctor Doom in that film. 

Not only that, some leaks have reported that an actor has secretly filmed some scenes to debut in the upcoming Black Panther film. But only time will tell when we will be able to see him in the MCU's big screen.

Doctor Doom will appear in which Movie?

If you are a fan of Marvel Comics, you should have already known by now about Secret Wars. Doctor Doom is the reason behind Secret Wars. 

Since Marvel Studios have already announced that there will be "Avengers: Secret Wars" in Phase six, we can definitely assume the arrival of Doctor Doom in Marvel movies. 

Will Doctor Doom appear in Fantastic Four?

In Marvel Comics, Doctor Doom has always been a long time arch enemy of Mr. Fantastic. So the chances for Doctor Doom to appear in Fantastic Four are quite high. 

As per some fan theories, Doctor Doom will definitely appear in Fantastic Four. Not only that, the battle in that movie will lead up to Secret Wars.

Doctor Doom's Powers

  1. Magic
  2. Teleportation
  3. Dimensional Travel
  4. Healing
  5. Time Travel
  6. Genius-Level Intellect

Which Actor will play Doctor Doom?

It is not confirmed yet about the actor who is going to play the role of Doctor Doom in the upcoming MCU projects. 

Doctor Doom can be the main villain for "Avengers: Secret Wars". And because of this, Marvel might keep it a secret until Doctor Doom finally appears in the big screen. 

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