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Everett Ross

Published Sun Jul 10 2022 By James Smith
Everett Ross

Everett Ross is a government official who worked for the U.S State Department. His job was to accompany foreign diplomats during their visit to America. 

Ross has crossed paths with the Black Panther on several occasions. And his involvement with the Black Panther has allowed him to be a part of many unwanted situations. 


Being a part of the U.S. State Department has allowed Ross to come across different characters. One time, he got assigned to accompany Ka-Zar, Shanna, and Zabu during their visit to the US. 

Everett Ross in Comics
Everett Ross in Comics. Source: League of Comic Geeks

But things changed when Ross had to escort T’Challa, the Black Panther. Not only T’Challa, but he had to escort Zuri, Nakia, and Okoye as well. 

Stolen Identity

During T’Challa’s stay in the US, Ross was able to see a different side of him. One time, Ross got picked on by a dude named Manuel Ramos. Ross realized that his identification was missing and thinking that Ramos might have stolen it, he tracked him. 

After some tracking, Ross found Ramos in a local strip club. But when they entered that strip club, a brawl started between Zuri, himself, and a group of strippers. 

The brawl ended with the loss of Ross’s pants. And as a result, T’Challa, his attendants, and Ross got arrested. Later they got bailed and were set free.

Crossing Paths with Different Characters

But that was not the end of Ross's story. He later came across Mephisto, Erik Killmonger, Reverend Achebe, Storm, and Ghaur. He met such a variety of characters because of his involvement with the Black Panther. 

Everett Ross in Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the MCU, Everett Ross is a CIA operative and a former Deputy Task Force Commander for the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre. 

Everett Ross folding his hands while interrogating
Everett Ross interrogating Ulysses Klaue. Source: Spotern

Under Thaddeus Ross, Ross got the opportunity to manage and control the actions of the Avengers. Because of the formation of the Sokovia Accords, he received this opportunity.

Involvement with the Avengers

But, Ross's plans came into conflict with Captain America as the Winter Soldier got targeted for his wrongdoings. 

Later, the Black Panther captured Helmut Zemo when Tony Stark revealed that Zemo was the man behind the attacks. But Ross took Zemo into custody. 

Involvement with the Black Panther

After leaving Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, Ross got assigned a task to track down Ulysses Klaue. This task allowed Ross to again get in contact with the Black Panther

They did get a hold of Klaue but Erik Killmonger managed to take Klaue from the CIA facility. And, Ross got wounded during the attack made by Eric. T’Challa took Ross to Wakanda where he got nursed back to good health. 

Appearance in MCU

Everett Ross portrays an important role in the MCU. Making his first appearance in the movie "Captain America: Civil War", he was able to acclaim good responses from the audience as well as the critics. 

As of now, Ross has appeared in two movies. With the sequel of "Black Panther", he is going to make his third appearance. As per rumors, he might appear in "Secret Invasion" as well. 

The Arrest of the Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier is under arrest as he is the main suspect in bombing the UN conference. Bucky got imprisoned at Joint Counter Terrorist Centre’s headquarters. He runs away from the armed forces & fights with Black Panther. Then, along with Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and T’Challa were also arrested. They were under the supervision of other Avengers.

During their time in prison, they got introduced to Ross by Sharon Carter. Ross got contacted by the Wakandan government over the arrest of Bucky. T’Challa wanted Barnes transported to Wakanda. The Wakandan authority wanted to punish him for the murder of their former king, T’Chaka.   

The Escape of the Winter Soldier

While Barnes was in the cell, Ross was waiting for the arrival of Theo Broussard to begin the interrogation. But during the questioning by a man posing as Theo Broussard, a power cut occurs. 

Everett Ross in a grey suit
Everett Ross in Captain America: Civil War. Source: Culturess

Ross ordered his men to find out what was happening. Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson escaped along with Barnes. Ross’s men try to capture Barnes, but Rogers and Wilson protected him believing it was not Barnes's fault. 

Apprehending Helmut Zemo

It got revealed that Helmut Zemo was the man behind the terrorist bombing. He plotted the false accusations on the Winter Soldier to create issues between the Avengers

After this discovery, Zemo got apprehended by the Black Panther. Later he got handed over to Ross. 

Meeting with T'Challa again

When the CIA received information about Ulysses Klaue, Ross got assigned to arrest him. Klaue was getting his hands on Vibranium weapons & had a deal. There was a meeting in a casino, & Ross had disguised himself as a potential buyer.

While he was waiting in the casino, he got surprised by a familiar face. It was no other than T'Challa himself. He was present in the casino to capture Klaue as well. 

Almost Killed

After taking Ulysses Klaue into CIA custody, Ross starts interrogating Klaue. During the interrogation, Ross gets to know quite a bit about Wakanda through Klaue. 

Ross started questioning T’Challa about the Vibranium once he stepped out of the interrogation room. But they got interrupted by Nakia as she started mentioning Erik Killmonger’s plan to rescue Klaue. 

In no time, Killmonger shows up by blowing up a hole in the custody. To save Nakia, Ross takes a bullet to his spine. 

Waking up in Wakanda

After knowing that Ross saved Nakia by sacrificing his life, T’Challa ordered Okoye to take him to Wakanda. At first, Okoye was quite hesitant about T’Challa’s decision but she had no other choice than to follow the king’s order.  

After Ross wakes up, he finds himself in a strange room. Upon questioning Shuri, she tells him that he is in Wakanda and she was able to heal him using the Vibranium. 

Finding out that T'Challa is Alive

After Erik Killmonger defeats T’Challa and throws him from the waterfall. Nakia, Shuri, Ramonda, and Ross escape but end up in the Jabari Land. They try to make peace with M’Baku and tell him about the plan. 

Nakia, Shuri, Ramonda, and Ross talking with each other after escaping the Warrior Falls
Shuri, Nakia, Ramonda, and Ross in the Jabari Land. Source: NBC News

When Nakia presents the herb to M’Baku, he instead takes them to the place where he has kept T’Challa. By using the herb, Ramonda and Nakia are able to heal T'Challa back to good health.

Battle of Mount Bashenga

While everyone was busy fighting the army of Killmonger, Ross got tasked with flying the Royal Talon Fighter

Ross controlled the aircraft from Shuri’s lab using a holographic projection. After some struggle, Ross does get successful in destroying the airships which were transporting weapons out of Wakanda.

Even under some threat, Ross stayed in the lab and continued his task. With limited time, Ross used all he could to destroy the last aircraft from going out of Wakanda

Everett Ross's Ability

  1. Genius Spy
  2. Brilliant Interrogator
  3. Skilled Pilot

Everett Ross's Equipment

  1. SIG Sauer P226
  2. Remote access to Kimoyo Beads

Who portrays the role of Everett Ross in the MCU? 

Martin John Christopher Freeman, also known as Martin Freeman portrays the role of Everett Ross in the MCU. He is an English actor who has achieved quite a good name in the entertainment industry. 

Martin Freeman smiles while posing for a picture
Martin Freeman wearing a black suit. Source: Instagram

Freeman has a long list of movies under his belt. He is an outstanding actor and his performance in every role that he has appeared in speaks for itself. 

No doubt, Freeman has a good future in the MCU. As per reports, he will definitely make a few more appearances in the Marvel projects in the future. 

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