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Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Published Thu Jul 28 2022 By James Smith
Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk is a fictional character from Marvel Comics. He is an American physicist who earned a name and fame for himself through his work. His work includes the study of nuclear physics and gamma radiation. 

Banner's impressive work led him to get recruited by General Thaddeus Ross and the US Army. They recruited him to develop the first Gamma bomb. 

Banner got exposed to gamma radiation during the live test. It caused his DNA to alter and eventually became a giant monster with incredible power. 

Bruce Banner in Marvel Comics

Bruce was born on December 18, 1969, and is 53 years as of 2022. He is the son of Dr. Brian Banner and Rebecca Banner. However, Brian had nothing but hate towards his child. 

A Man fires a gun at the Hulk but nothing happens to him.
The Hulk in Comics. Source: Comic Book Herald

Brian even developed a misconception that the experiment with radiation altered his DNA. Not only that, he even thought that because of his altered DNA, his son was a mutant

All of these led to Brain abusing his young son physically. Bruce had a hard time when he was growing up. But amongst all the people, Jennifer Walters, his cousin helped him a lot. 

Bruce Banner's Traumatic Childhood in Comics

Bruce had a mental breakdown because of the physical abuse received from his father. But his life got more traumatic when his father killed his mother. 

After the death of his mother, Bruce started living with his aunt. But, the abuse from his father made him develop dissociative identity disorder

Bruce Banner's Academic Background in Comics

For his early education, Bruce attended Science High School. But after graduating, he went to Desert State University to study nuclear physics. For a brief time, he studied at Harvard University as well. 

However, Bruce transferred to Pennsylvania State University soon after. During his time there, he worked with a Canadian student who had a similar interest in gamma radiation. 

At one point, Bruce crossed paths with a young Tony Stark. Later on, both of them became best friends as a member of The Avengers

How did Bruce Banner become The Hulk in Comics?

While working on the first Gamma bomb, things didn't go as per the plan. During the live test, something went wrong and Bruce was present at the test site.

While trying to get himself to safety, Bruce got exposed to the gamma radiation from the gamma bomb. Because of this incident, Bruce died. But it opened a metaphysical barrier called the Green Door.

The Green Door managed to bring Bruce back to life. In the process, his DNA got altered as well which caused him to transform into a monster. 

How did Bruce Banner join the Avengers in Comics?

The Hulk got manipulated by Loki to fight against Thor. However, Loki's plan was a total failure. And later, Banner went on to partner with Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man, and the Wasp to form the Avengers

After forming the Avenger, they clashed against Doctor Doom. But his time as the Avenger ended quite fast in the Comics. 

Different types of Hulk in Comics

Marvel Comics is quite big and it keeps expanding as of now as well. Throughout the Marvel Comics, we are able to see different kinds of Hulk. This can be the reason why the Hulk is an iconic character from Marvel Comics.

The following list shows the different kind of Hulk to appear in Marvel Comics:

  1. Immortal Hulk
  2. Maestro Hulk
  3. Planet Hulk
  4. Red Hulk
  5. World War Hulk
  6. Professor Hulk
  7. World Breaker Hulk

Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk in Marvel Cinematic Universe

In MCU, Bruce Banner is a famous scientist and one of the important superheroes from the Avengers. Bruce managed to create a name for himself through his work in biochemistry, nuclear physics, and gamma radiation. 

Bruce Banner wears a lab coat in top of checkered shirt.
Bruce Banner gets Shocked. Source: Smallville Fanon Wiki

Later, Bruce got recruited by Thaddeus Ross in order to create the super soldier serum. This was the same serum that got used to create Captain America.

How did Bruce Banner get his powers in MCU?

While performing his experiment, Bruce got exposed to an extreme level of gamma radiation. This incident caused him to transform into a huge green monster known as the Hulk. 

How did Bruce Banner join the Avengers in MCU? 

When Loki attacked S.H.I.E.L.D, Natasha Romanoff also known as Black Widow went to recruit him personally. After recruiting him, he got tasked alongside Tony Stark also known as Iron Man to find the Tesseract

Despite all the efforts, Bruce was still not able to control himself when he transformed into the Hulk. But later, he went on to join the Avengers during the Battle of New York

Is the Incredible Hulk part of MCU?

Yes, the Incredible Hulk is the part of MCU. The Incredible Hulk released back in 2008. And it is the second movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Iron Man

Appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe

Bruce Banner made his first appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe with the film "The Incredible Hulk". Since then, he has managed to portray a vital role and become a fan favorite. 

Until now, Bruce has appeared in nine films in total. This character received a lot of praise and love from the audience as well as the critics. 

Becoming the Hulk

With the help of Betty Ross, Bruce was able to recreate the super soldier serum. Bruce believed that his serum could resist radiation and because of this, he went on to test it on himself. 

Trying to prove his project a success, Bruce increased the dosage of the radiation on the device in a manual way. The effect of serum along with Dr. Ross's primer caused him to transform into a giant, green-skinned monster.

The Hulk vs. the Abomination

After reaching Harlem, the Hulk roared as loud as possible to get the attention of the Abomination. To prove that he is the superior monster, the Abomination charged toward the Hulk.

The two giants clashed with each other for a long time. Finally, the Hulk managed to get the upper hand and pin down the Abomination. 

The Hulk tried to kill his opponent with a final blow, however, he got stopped in his tracks by Betty Ross. 

Recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D

After the incident with the Abomination was over, Bruce traveled to India. He continued living in India and even provided medical help to poor people.

One evening, Bruce got visited by Natasha Romanoff. She insisted Bruce help S.H.I.E.L.D to locate the Tesseract. 

The Battle of New York

The Hulk joined the rest of the members of the Avengers during the Battle of New York. After a fierce battle, the Hulk along with other members achieved success in defeating Loki and the army of Chitauri.

The Hulk stare at the army of Loki during the battle of New York.
The Hulk during the battle of New York. Source: Pinkvilla

During the end of the battle when Iron Man flew the missile to the wormhole, he fell unconscious on his way back. And, The Hulk was the one to save Iron Man in mid-air landing on his back.

The Creation of Ultron

At the Avengers Tower, Tony Stark and Bruce started exploring the secrets of Loki's Scepter. And finally, they came to a conclusion of using the A.I. to create an Ultron program.

At first, Bruce showed his hesitance in the idea. But later on, Tony did manage to convince Bruce on developing the program. Both of them thought that they achieved no progress and because of this, they left for the party.

When everyone left the place, their program got successful and gained consciousness of its own. Then, it start to load in Stark's robot and finally got activated as Ultron.

The Birth of Vision

Tony convinced Bruce to help him put J.A.R.V.I.S inside the body that Ultron created. Two of them were on the verge of completing their task. 

But out of nowhere, Steve Rogers arrived along with Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Tony and Steve started attacking each other. Thor arrived and powered up the chamber to revive the body.

Battle of Sokovia

The Hulk joined the Avengers to battle against Ultron. Ultron used a Quinjet to fire gunshots at the Hulk. After putting Natasha in a safe place, he jumped towards the Quinjet and threw the bot out of the jet. When they finally end Ultron's plan, the Hulk used the same Quinjet to fly away. 

Reuniting with Thor

During his time in Sakaar, the Hulk came across his newest opponent who was none other than his old friend, Thor. However, Hulk refused to recognize Thor and because of this, a duel started between them.

After the fight, Thor got placed in the same room with the Hulk. Upon questioning, Hulk refused to answer anything. But after some argument, both of them finally reached a cordial understanding.

Hulk's Involvement in Infinity War

At the start of Infinity War, Hulk gets in a fight with Thanos. However, he got badly beaten by the Titan. However, Heimdall used the last of his power to send Hulk away from the battle to Earth. 

Throughout the events of the Infinity War, Bruce was not able to bring out his giant green-skinned form. Later, he went to get help from the Black Panther and the Wakandans along with Steve Rogers and the rest of the Avengers. 

When the Black Order arrived in Wakanda, Bruce used the Hulkbuster to fight against the army of Thanos. Despite the efforts, no one managed to stop Thanos from snapping.

Hulk's Involvement in Endgame

After the snap, Bruce along with Steve, Natasha, and James Rhodes started looking for a way to turn things. With the help of Captain Marvel, Hulk and the rest of the team even manage to defeat Thanos. 

But Thanos had already destroyed the Infinity stones. After that, everyone tried returning to their normal life. Bruce even transformed himself into The Professor Hulk.

Later, Hulk reunites with the Avengers to obtain all the stones. They travel back in time to secure all the stones. But during the process, an alternate Thanos arrives at the Avengers facility.

After using the stones, Hulk manages to bring back everyone that disappeared because of Thanos' snap. Soon after, a battle starts with that Mad Titan. Iron Man managed to defeat Thanos at the cost of sacrificing his own life.

Bruce Banner's Appearance in Shang-Chi

When Shang-Chi used the ten rings, a beacon got detected by the Masters of the Mystic Arts. Then, Wong went to meet Shang-Chi who was later brought in front of Carol Danvers and Bruce Banner. 

Injured Bruce Banner alongside Carol Danvers have a conversation with Shang-Chi.
Bruce Banner along with Carol Danvers. Source: The Direct

During their conversation, Bruce revealed that they were not familiar with the rings. At last, Bruce bid farewell to Shang-Chi and welcomed him into the world of heroes.

Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk's Personality

In MCU, Bruce Banner got portrayed as someone who is mild-mannered, shy, logical, and mysterious. However, the incident that led him to transform into a giant monster caused him to be mentally unstable. 

Bruce has a very charming personality. Not only that, he is a compassionate person as well. He is afraid that he might hurt his near ones, and because of this, he abandoned everyone. 

How Tall is the Hulk?

In Marvel Comics as well as MCU, Hulk is one of the big characters. When Bruce Banner is in human form, he is 5 ft 9 in tall. But when he transforms into the Hulk, he stands tall at a height of 7-8. 

Hulk's Ability

  1. Superhuman Abilities
  2. Genius Level Intellect
  3. Genius Scientist
  4. Skillful Engineer

Hulk's Equipment

  1. Smith and Wesson Model 10
  2. Sakaaran Battle Axe
  3. Sakaaran War Hammer

Who plays of Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk in MCU?

When Bruce got introduced for the first time in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Edward Norton portrayed the role of Bruce Banner. 

Norton is an American actor and filmmaker. With his debut film "Primal Fear", he received a lot of love and praise from the audience as well as the critics. 

Later on, Norton got replaced by Mark Ruffalo to portray the role of Bruce Banner. Ruffalo made his MCU debut with the first Avengers film. 

Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo both wears a black suit for an event.
Edward Norton alongside Mark Ruffalo. Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Mark Ruffalo is an American actor as well as an environmental activist. He has managed to deliver outstanding performances in several films. Because of this, it is fair to say that he has a successful career. 

What is Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk's future in MCU? 

After Mark Ruffalo took the mantle of The Hulk in MCU, the green superhero is yet to have a solo film of its own. But we will be seeing the Hulk in the Disney+ series "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law". As per leaks, we will definitely see him in other future MCU projects as well. 

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