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Facts of Jed Rees

Birth DateMarch 8,1970
Full NameJed B. Rees
Birth NameJed B. Rees
Birth CityVancouver, British Columbia
Birth CountryCanada
Gender IdentityMale
Marital StatusSingle
Height177 cm
Weight75 kg
SibilingsNicolas Vicari
Awards2012 WorldFest Houston Grand Award
FilmographyDeadpool, Galaxy Quest, The Ringer

Jed Rees, the talented actor, is best known for his role as Jared Smith in the blockbuster movie "Deadpool." Apart from his successful acting career, he is also an accomplished pianist. 

Born on March 8, 1970, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Rees has captivated audiences with his exceptional performances in various other popular works, such as "The Ringer," "Galaxy Quest," and "Elizabethtown." With his versatility and dedication to his craft, he continues to leave a lasting impact on the big screen.

Relationship Status Of The Actor

Jed Rees, the talented actor, and accomplished pianist, is currently single and has no previous records of being in a public relationship. He prefers to live a quiet and private life, away from the spotlight of the media. 

Jed Rees is signing in the poster of the Galaxy Quest.
Jed Rees signing autographs (Source: Florida Signatures YouTube Channel)

Rees is known for keeping his matters, especially his love life, out of the public eye, which has earned him respect and admiration from his fans and colleagues alike. Instead of seeking attention for his personal affairs, he focuses on honing his craft and bringing joy to audiences through his work.

Net Worth Status Of Rees

Jed Rees has an estimated net worth of $2 million, primarily earned from his successful acting career. While his income from acting is his main source of earnings, there may be other undisclosed sources contributing to his wealth. 

Although Rees has achieved considerable fame and success through his roles in movies like "Deadpool" and "The Ringer," he has chosen to keep details about his salary private. This decision reflects his preference for maintaining a certain level of privacy about his financial matters. 

The Actor's Experience With Marvel

Rees had memorable experience working with Marvel, as he was cast in the superhero movie "Deadpool." In the film, he portrayed the character of Jared Smith, also known as The Recruiter. His role was a significant part of the movie's storyline, adding depth and intrigue to its universe. 

Jed Rees is in his black suit looking at someone.
Jed Rees in Deadpool (Source: Filmey Box YouTube Channel)

Rees's performance in "Deadpool" showcased his acting prowess and ability to bring a unique and compelling character to life on the big screen. Being part of a Marvel production allowed him to work with a talented cast and crew, and it provided him with an opportunity to be part of the ever-expanding Marvel cinematic universe. 

Working In Deadpool Was Special For Rees

Working on the set of "Deadpool" held a special significance for Jed Rees, as he and Ryan Reynolds, (who portrayed Deadpool), both hail from Vancouver. This common hometown connection led to a delightful "Isn't life funny" moment during filming as mentioned in an article from IMDb

Rees fondly recalls shooting scenes at the Cobalt Hotel, a well-known dive bar in Vancouver. The experience of being on a big movie set in their hometown made him feel a sense of pride and nostalgia. To see two local kids making it big and being part of a major Hollywood production was an exciting and surreal experience for Jed. 

A Bit About The Recruiter

Jared Smith, also known as The Recruiter, was a crucial character in the movie "Deadpool." He worked for Ajax's (played by Ed Skrein) Workshop program, and his primary task was to find and recruit people for their experimental procedures. When he came across Wade Wilson, (who later became Deadpool), he saw an opportunity to bring in a promising test subject. 

Wilson, who was desperate to find a cure for his terminal cancer, was convinced by Smith's promises of a potential remedy. Little did he know that this decision would lead to a series of intense and transformative events, turning him into the wisecracking and indestructible antihero. 

The Recruiter is bleeding as Deadpool is looking at him right on his face.
Deadpool confronting The Recruiter (Source: Filmey Box YouTube Channel)

Later in the film, as Deadpool embraced his new identity and set out to take revenge on the Workshop members, he encountered The Recruiter once again. Despite his manipulative nature, he showed a surprisingly cowardly side when faced with Wilson's wrath. He quickly divulged Ajax's location to the vengeful antihero as mentioned in Marvel Movies Fandom

Deadpool, fueled by his desire for justice, didn't hesitate to eliminate The Recruiter, who had been an instrumental figure in his transformation. Rees skillfully portrayed the character's complex traits, making his demise a significant moment in the film's action-packed storyline.

Didn't Studied Acting At First

Rees' educational journey took an interesting turn, reflecting his passion for both music and business. Initially, he pursued his love for music and studied it for two years in college. However, seeking a more practical path to financial success, he switched his major to Business Administration, believing it would teach him how to make money. 

Despite Rees's intentions, destiny had other plans for him. In his final year of college, he stumbled upon the world of acting, and everything changed. Captivated by the art of performance, he made a bold decision and moved to the vibrant city of New York, where he honed his acting skills by studying theatre for two years. 

Early Days Of Rees' Acting Career

In the early days of his acting career, Jed Rees laid the foundation for his success by honing his craft in New York. After years of training, he returned to his hometown, Vancouver, to kickstart his journey in the entertainment industry. It wasn't long before he started landing roles in both film and television productions. 

Some of Rees's early projects included appearances in renowned shows like "The X-Files," and "The Outer Limits." These opportunities allowed him to showcase his talent and gain valuable experience working in front of the camera. He also made a notable appearance in the movie "Fear," further solidifying his presence in the world of acting. 

After his early success in Vancouver, Rees returned to New York to further explore his passion for acting. He joined the theatrical production of "Two Pianos, Four Hands" at the Promenade Theater, showcasing his skills on the stage and receiving acclaim for his performances. 

In 1999, seeking new opportunities, Rees made the bold decision to drive down to Los Angeles in his beat-up old convertible. Determined to make a mark in Hollywood, he auditioned for various roles and luck was on his side. Remarkably, he landed a role in the sci-fi comedy film "Galaxy Quest" after his very first audition in L.A. This breakthrough marked the beginning of his thriving career in the City of Angels. 

Since then, Rees has continued to work in both the United States and Canada, crossing borders to take on diverse and challenging roles. His dedication to his craft and remarkable talent has made him a respected and sought-after actor in the industry

Work Outside Of Marvel

Outside of his role in Marvel's "Deadpool," (the film also features Andre Tricoteux) Rees has had a diverse and impressive career in both movies and television. Some of his notable works include portraying Teb in the 1999 science fiction comedy "Galaxy Quest," and Glen in the 2005 comedy film "The Ringer.

Rees has showcased his acting versatility in various genres, including dramas like "Elizabethtown," where he played Chuck Hasboro. Additionally, he has made appearances in popular TV shows, taking on mini roles in well-known series such as "21 Jump Street," "The X-Files," "The Twilight Zone," "
"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "Family Guy," "Pretty Little Liars," "NCIS," "Castle," and "NCIS: Los Angeles."

With each performance, Rees has left a lasting impact on audiences, demonstrating his talent and adaptability as an actor across different platforms. His contributions to the entertainment industry have earned him a dedicated fanbase and admiration from fellow actors and industry professionals alike.


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