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Madame Sanctity: A Tale of Power, Intrigue, and Redemption

Published Mon Jun 12 2023 By Dbista
Madame Sanctity: A Tale of Power, Intrigue, and Redemption

Madame Sanctity (real name Tanya Trask) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is a member of the Askani, a group of mutants who live in the future. 

Sanctity is a powerful telepath and telekinetic, and she is also a skilled fighter. She is a loyal member of the Askani, and she has fought alongside them against many enemies, including Apocalypse.

Early life

Tanya Trask was born in the late 20th century. She was the daughter of Dr. Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels. Tanya was a mutant, and she possessed the power of time travel. 

When she was a teenager, she accidentally activated her powers and was lost in the timestream. She eventually found her way to the future, where she met Rachel Summers and the Askani.

Into The Future

After being transported over 3000 years into the future, Tanya Trask found herself in a world dominated by Apocalypse, who had risen to power a century earlier and controlled vast portions of the planet. 

In this future, she was discovered by the Order of Witnesses, a group founded by a mutant seeking redemption during the late 21st century. Recognizing her potential, they named her Sanctity and imparted knowledge about the Twelve to her.

Madame Sanctity from Marvel comics. Source: Pinterest

Apocalypse, sensing a threat, dispatched his High Priestess Diamanda Nero to neutralize the Order of Witnesses. Nero captured two members, Diogenes and Squy'rr, subjecting them to torture in order to extract valuable information. 

Eventually, the Order was wiped out. However, Tanya and the other children protected by the Order were fortunate to be saved by the Clan Askani, a rebel faction led by Rachel Summers, who staunchly opposed Apocalypse's reign.

The Askani

Tanya Trask, also known as Sanctity or Madame Sanctity, underwent rigorous training under the guidance of Rachel Summers within the Askani, a group that believed in preserving the Sacred Timeline through careful time travel. However, she deviated from her teachings as a young woman and sought to alter the past to prevent her father's creations, the Sentinels, from annihilating mutants. 

Returning to the modern era, Sanctity confronted her father, only to have Rachel erase the encounter from his memory. In a desperate attempt to avert Apocalypse's rise, Sanctity uploaded the identities of the Twelve into Master Mold's programming, hoping to eliminate them and prevent the apocalyptic future.

Askani from Marvel comics. Source: The Real gentlemen of Leisure

Unbeknownst to her, this inadvertently influenced her brother, Larry Trask, who stumbled upon evidence of Rachel and Sanctity's psychic duel, driving him to complete their father's Sentinel project. 

Assuming the mantle of Madame Sanctity, Tanya ascended to become an Askani high priestess. She dispatched Ch'vayre to the past, intermittently visiting Cable, in the hopes of persuading him to kill Apocalypse and reshape their timeline.

From the Clan Askani to the Askani Sisterhood and Beyond

After the Clan Askani was wiped out by Apocalypse, Sanctity, the last surviving member, established a new group called the Askani Sisterhood in Ebonshire. This sect exclusively taught women, with one of its disciples being Aliya. Despite being the most powerful remaining Askani, Tanya's traumatic experiences had taken a toll on her mental well-being. 

Sanctity played a pivotal role in sending Scott and Jean Grey-Summers back to 1859 AD, tasking them with preventing a great tragedy without providing specific details. They arrived in Victorian England and encountered Dr. Nathaniel Essex, who would eventually become the notorious Mr. Sinister.

Madame Sanctity from Marvel Comics.
Madame Sanctity from Marvel Comics. Source: Pinterest

Sanctity had intentionally orchestrated this encounter to ensure Essex's transformation, as he was crucial to the birth of the future Askani'son, Nathan Summers. Additionally, their mission aimed to stop En Sabah Nur from devastating England with a plague. After their success, Sanctity sent the couple back to their time. 

Later, Sanctity dispatched Aliya to recruit Nathan Dayspring, the Askani'son. Nathan expressed his desire to learn the ways of the Askani, despite being a man. Following an attack by the New Canaanites, Madame Sanctity appeared to have perished. However, she was secretly transported to Stryfe's ship, where she would serve as his tutor due to her recognition of a similar psi-signature to Nathan. 

Powers and abilities

Sanctity possesses a vast array of powerful telepathic abilities. She can effortlessly delve into the thoughts of others, extending her reach to an immense radius, making her telepathy nearly limitless. Moreover, Sanctity possesses a Telepathic Cloak, enabling her to conceal her presence from detection, though she may be outmatched by more proficient telepaths.

Additionally, Sanctity has the ability to possess the minds of others, effectively taking control of their bodies as her own. She can alter the very fabric of someone's mind, changing their personality in part or in whole. She possesses a skill for creating illusions, enabling her to render herself invisible, assume the appearance of another, or manipulate the perception of events of those around her. 

Madame Sanctity in rage.
Madame Sanctity in rage.Source: Pinterest

Sanctity's powers extend beyond mental manipulation. She can induce temporary paralysis, affecting both the mind and body of her targets. Furthermore, she can induce mental amnesia, erasing specific memories or causing complete amnesia. Through her astral projection abilities, Sanctity can project her consciousness beyond her physical body onto astral planes or physical planes. While limited to short distances in the physical plane, she gains the ability to create psionic objects and manipulate her environment on the astral plane. 

In dire circumstances where her physical body is destroyed, Sanctity can transfer her mind and powers into a new host body.  Additionally, Sanctity possesses the power of telekinesis, allowing her to manipulate matter with the energy of her thoughts. She can create force fields, emit concussive psionic force blasts, and even fly at incredible speeds by levitating herself.


Madame Sanctity is a wise and compassionate woman. She is a loyal friend and a fierce warrior. Sanctity is always willing to help those in need, and she is always fighting for what she believes in. 

She is a true hero, and she will always be remembered for her bravery and her dedication to justice.

Has Sanctity Made An Appearance In Movies?

No, Madame Sanctity has not appeared in any Marvel movies yet. She is a relatively new character, having first appeared in 1995, and she has not yet been featured in any major storylines. 

However, she is a powerful mutant with a unique set of skills, so it is possible that she could make an appearance in a future movie.

10 Facts About Sanctity

  • Tanya Trask, aka Sanctity or Madame Sanctity, is the daughter of Dr. Bolivar Trask, the creator of the Sentinels.
  • She possesses telepathy and telekinesis, which she learned to control from Rachel Summers in the future.
  • Tanya joined the Clan Askani, a group opposing Apocalypse, and tried to change the past to prevent the rise of Apocalypse.
  • She became Madame Sanctity and sent Ch'vayre to influence Cable in killing Apocalypse.
  • Tanya formed the Askani Sisterhood and only taught women after the Clan Askani was wiped out.
  • She sent Scott and Jean Grey-Summers to the past to ensure the creation of Mr. Sinister and stop En Sabah Nur.
  • Madame Sanctity seemingly died but was taken aboard Stryfe's ship to tutor him.
  • Tanya was detained by Jacob Sutton, a chronologist, to help Cable realize his true destiny.
  • She possesses various telepathic powers like mind control, illusions, and astral projection.
  • Tanya's fate is unknown, but she was last seen agreeing to train the young Stryfe.

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