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Facts of Robert Downey Jr

Birth DateApril 4,1965
Full NameRobert John Downey Jr.
Birth NameRobert Downey Jr.
Birth CityNew York
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Father NameRobert Downey Sr.
Father OccupationFilmmaker
Mother NameElsie Ann Ford
Mother OccupationActress
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSusan Downey
No Of Children3
Height176 cm
Weight78 kg
SibilingsAllyson Downey
ReligionJewish Buddhist
AwardsBritish Academy Film Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Kids' Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards, People's Choice Awards, Saturn Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Teen Choice Awards
FilmographyPound, Weird Science, Chaplin, Iron Man, Tropic Thunder, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Dolittle, Saturday Night Live, Ally McBeal
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Robert John Downey Jr. is an American actor. He managed to gain stardom during his youth. But it is fair to say that he got widely known because of his portrayal of Tony Stark, aka Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

But Robert Downey Jr.'s path toward success didn't come in an easy way. Soon after achieving success in his career, Robert Downey Jr. went through substance abuse and legal troubles. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s involvement with drugs led him to the lowest point in his life. He even got fired from the projects that he got involved in. But with strong will and desire, he maintained his sobriety since 2003. Not only that, he even went on to make a big comeback in the entertainment industry.

Let's know more about Robert Downey Jr. How did Robert Downey Jr. start his career? How much is Robert Downey Jr. worth? And who is Robert Downey Jr married to?

Robert Downey Jr.'s Early Life and Family

Robert Downey Jr. was born on 4th April 1965 in Manhattan, New York, United States. As of 2022, he is 57 years old. He was born and raised by his parents, Robert Downey Sr., and Elsie Ann Ford. While his father used to be an actor and filmmaker, his mother was an actress who used to appear in his father's films.

Robert Downey Jr. when he was a child
Robert Downey Jr. when he was a child. Source: Pinterest

Robert Downey Jr. is the youngest one of the two children in the Downey family. He has an older sister, Allyson with whom he shares a close relationship. Growing up in each other's presence allowed them to create a lot of memories that would last throughout their lifetime. 

More about Robert Downey Jr.'s Father, Robert Downey Sr.

Robert John Downey Sr. was an American filmmaker and actor. He has a long list of movies under his name as a director and actor. He received a good amount of praise for his performance both as an actor and filmmaker as well. But he was best known for his writing and directing for the underground film "Putney Swope". 

Robert Downey Sr. got married three times. He was first married to Elsie Ann Ford with whom he had two children. Unfortunately, Robert Downey Sr. passed away on 7th July 2021 because of Parkinson's disease in his sleep. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Academic Background

Robert Downey Jr.'s childhood got filled with regretful decisions. One of them was the use of marijuana at the age of six. This decision affected his school life in a bad way. 

Robert Downey Jr. relocated to England at the age of 10. During that time, he attended Classical Ballet as a part of the larger curriculum. Later, he went on to attend Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center in upstate New York. 

However, Robert Downey Jr. moved to California along with Robert Downey Sr. after the divorce of his parents. During his time in California, he attended Santa Monica High School. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Professional Life

Everyone must be aware of who Robert Downey Jr. is. This man needs no introduction. But at the same time, many of you might not know Robert Downey Jr's professional life in brief. Let's talk about how did Robert Downey Jr. start his career, his setbacks, and his rise to the top. 

How did Robert Downey Jr. Start his Career?

Growing up as the son of a filmmaker and actor did allow Robert Downey Jr. to make his debut at a very young age. If you are unknown about this then do know that Robert Downey Jr. made his acting debut when he was just five years old.

A young Robert Downey Jr. looking at the ceiling
A young Robert Downey Jr. Source: Pinterest

Robert Downey Jr. made his acting debut in his own dad's film "Pound". Then after, he started getting offers in very quick succession. "Weird Science", "Less Than Zero", and "Chaplin" are the few movies that he appeared in. His performance in such movies helped him receive a good response from the audience as well as the critics.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Involvement in Saturday Night Live

But one of the most significant moments from his early days as an actor has to be his involvement with Saturday Night Live (SNL). Long before Robert Downey Jr. started getting known as Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. appeared on "Saturday Night Live" as well. 

Saturday Night Live has its own share of history. During the 1980s, Lorne Michaels left the show along with all of the existing cast. However, Michaels returned to power, and a new set of the cast got introduced. Robert Downey Jr. was among the cast members as well. 

This is how Robert Downey Jr. got involved with Saturday Night Live. However, all the cast members including Robert Downey Jr. got released after the end of the season. Marking the end of Robert Downey Jr.'s involvement with Saturday Night Live.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Career Setbacks

From a very young age, Robert Downey Jr. got surrounded by drugs. Since his father used to be a drug addict as well, Robert Downey Jr. got into using drugs as well. Little did Robert Downey Jr. know that his involvement with drugs would bring a setback in his career.

Robert Downey Jr. had one of the worst time periods from 1996 to 2001. He got arrested several times during that time period. Why did Robert Downey Jr. go to Jail?

Robert Downey Jr. went to jail on charges related to drugs. Robert Downey Jr. even got arrested back in April 1996 for the possession of heroin, cocaine, and an unloaded .357 Magnum handgun.

Robert Downey Jr. started missing his drug test one after another which brought more pressure onto him. This led him to get sentenced to a three-year prison term. During his time of arrest, he got fired from his projects as well. 

It was quite clear that Robert Downey Jr. was struggling with drug use. However, he wanted to have a full recovery from drugs and return to his career. And with strong desire and will, he was able to get sober after five years of drug abuse, arrests, rehab, and relapse. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Comeback and Rise in Career

After being sober, Robert Downey Jr. got his first acting job in August 2001. He appeared in a music video for Elton John's single "I Want Love". Gradually, things started looking good for Robert Downey Jr. He even made his comeback with the film "The Singing Detective". 

Tony Stark aiming with his weapon
Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. Source: Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr. started appearing in projects one after another. But in 2007, things finally took off for him. He got cast in the role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then he reprised his role of Iron Man for all the projects from Phase 1 to Phase 3. 

Apart from projects in Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. appeared in several other projects as well. "Tropic Thunder", "Due Date", "Sherlock Holmes", and "Dolittle" are the few films that he appeared in. 

It is fair to say that Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of Iron Man brought him back to the path of success. A man who faced several setbacks because of drug abuse got his place back in the entertainment industry. Robert Downey Jr. definitely deserves all the respect and love he is getting as of now. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Involvement with Marvel

Robert Downey Jr. got involved with Marvel back in 2007. He got cast in the role of Iron Man. Ever since he appeared as Tony Stark in MCU, he has managed to deliver outstanding performance. People have even mentioned that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Iron Man. 

Marvel Cinematic Universe is a big thing as of 2022. It has expanded over the years. Making his debut as Iron Man back in 2008, Robert Downey Jr. went on to appear in a total of 10 movies including four Avengers films. 

Robert Downey Jr. was the part of Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than 10 years. During that time period, he crossed paths with several actors and actresses. He even went to become friends with some actors as well. 

Iron Man calling Spider-Man
Iron Man in Captain America Civil War. Source: Marvel Studios

Let's have a look at some of those actors and the character they portray in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Chris Evans as Captain America

If you are a Marvel fan then you should be aware of who Captain America is. Well, Captain America is a fictional character from Marvel comics. Chris Evans portrays the role of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain America is one of the founding members of the Avengers. Since all the films in Marvel Cinematic Universe give continuity to each other, it is common for there to be a crossover. 

During the first Avengers film, Captain America and Tony Stark did not start their friendship in the right way. But later on, they go on to create a good bond with each other. Because of the on-screen brotherhood, Robert Downey Jr. has also maintained a strong friendship with Chris Evans.

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk

Hulk is the only character left from the founding members of the Avengers to have a solo standalone project. Mark Ruffalo portrays the character of Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it is just a matter of time before we will be getting that. 

Bruce Banner, aka Hulk, has a very strong connection with Tony Stark. On-screen, they are even known as the science bros. Talking about off-screen, they have a strong bond with each other as well. 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man

This generation is very familiar with Tom Holland and even Spider-Man. Tom Holland portrays the role of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Ever since Spider-Man made its debut in MCU, we have seen the bond between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Tony Stark guides Peter Parker as a mentor. And the bond between them is clearly seen. 

As for off-screen, a good relationship between Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. can be clearly seen. They often talk about each other which clearly shows the bond between them.

How much did Robert Downey Jr. make from Marvel?

Robert Downey Jr. is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for more than 10 years. The last we were able to see Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man was back in "Avengers: Endgame". It is still not confirmed whether we will be seeing him in future projects or not. 

Tony Stark working in his Laboratory
Tony Stark at his Laboratory. Source: Marvel Studios

But everyone must be thinking about Robert Downey Jr.'s paycheck. How much did Robert Downey Jr. make from Marvel?

You might get surprised to hear the number so brace yourself. Robert Downey Jr. has made $450 Million+ from Marvel for his appearance as Iron Man. This makes him one of the highest-paid actors in not only MCU but the whole entertainment industry. 

How much did Robert Downey Jr. make from Avengers: Endgame?

If you are wondering how much did Robert Downey Jr. make from Avengers: Endgame, then the stats might surprise you. For his portrayal of Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr. made $75 Million in total. 

According to Forbes, Robert Downey Jr. made $20 Million as an upfront payment. Likewise, he received 8% of the profit from the film which rounds up to $55 Million

Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is an action comedy film that was released back in 2008. Ben Stiller is the director behind this film whereas Justin Theroux and Etan Cohen are the writers for the film. 

The storyline of this film follows a group of prima donna actors. However, their frustrated director drops them in the middle of the jungle where they get forced to rely on their acting skills. So that they can survive the real action and danger. 

In Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr. portrays the role of Kirk Lazarus. He has managed to deliver outstanding performance. His performance received love and praise from the audience as well as the critics. 

Robert Downey Jr's Movies

  1. Pound
  2. Weird Science
  3. Less Than Zero
  4. Chaplin
  5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  6. Iron Man
  7. Tropic Thunder
  8. Iron Man 2
  9. The Avengers
  10. Iron Man 3
  11. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  12. Captain America: Civil War
  13. Avengers: Infinity War
  14. Avengers: Endgame
  15. Dolittle

Robert Downey Jr.'s Tv Shows

  1. Saturday Night Live
  2. Ally McBeal
  3. The Age of A.I.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Net Worth. How much is Robert Downey Jr. Worth?

Robert Downey Jr. is a huge star and there is no doubt about that. Throughout his career, he has appeared in several movies. From his appearance in several projects, he has managed to accumulate a good amount of money to his fortune.

As per reports, the Iron Man star has a net worth of around $300 Million. This is quite huge and on top of that, his net worth clearly shows how hard he has worked after the setbacks he went through. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Car Collections

When it comes to using the money in the right place, Robert Downey Jr. definitely does that. The love Robert Downey Jr has for cars can be easily seen. To fulfill his love for cars, he has even collected a few cars for himself. 

Robert Downey Jr. posing infront of his car
Robert Downey Jr. in front of his Audi R8. Source: Pinterest

The cars that Robert Downey Jr. has collected as of 2022 are as follows: 

  1. 2009 Audi R8
  2. Bentley Continental GT
  3. 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Convertible
  4. 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

Robert Downey Jr.'s House. Where does Robert Downey Jr. live?

When it comes to houses, the Iron Man star has one of the most lavish houses. His house looks like it belongs in a fantasy movie. The house reflects Downey's eccentric personality because of the bright furnishings and artwork

So where does Robert Downey Jr. live? Robert Downey Jr. lives in his unique windmill home from the 19th century in East Hampton, New York.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Wife. Who is Robert Downey Jr. Married to?

Susan Downey is Robert Downey Jr.'s wife. Robert and Susan crossed paths with each other on the set of "Gothika". They instantly clicked with each other and soon after, started dating each other. 

Robert and Susan even started working together on various projects. After dating for a few months, Robert and Susan finally tied knots and shared vows with each other in 2005. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Kids

Susan Downey is not Robert Downey Jr.'s first wife. Before he got married to her, Deborah Falconer was Robert Downey Jr.'s wife. With his first wife, he has one kid. His name is Indio Falconer Downey. Indio is 28 years old as of 2022. 

Robert Downey Jr. along with Susan and his daughter, Avri
Robert Downey Jr. along with his wife, Susan taking their daughter out. Source: Pinterest

With his second wife, Robert Downey Jr. has two kids. One is a boy whereas the other one is a girl. The boy, Exton Elias Downey is 9 years old. Whereas, Avri Roel Downey is his only daughter. She is 6 years old. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Instagram and Twitter

In this generation, Social media is an integral part of life. Celebrities use social media for various purposes. The same goes with Robert Downey Jr. as well. 

Robert Downey Jr. is an active user of social media. You will be able to find him on both Instagram and Twitter. First, let's have a look at his Instagram account. Robert Downey Jr. has 53.3 Million followers whereas he has made 430 posts until now. 

Talking about Robert Downey Jr.'s Twitter account, 17.7 Million followers. On both of his social media, he often shares his lifestyle pictures and updates regarding his upcoming projects. 

Robert Downey Jr. extends his help to Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer

As of now, you might already know about Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Both of them were facing a very serious issue which caused them to hit a rock bottom. But as everyone says, Robert Downey Jr. is a very humble person.

To help his friends in need, Robert Downey Jr. extended his hand to help them come out of their struggling phase. This action from him really shows how big of a heart he has. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s Involvement in Charity

Iron Man star volunteers his time and efforts to help out in needy areas when the cameras aren't running. The Avengers star established a foundation in April 2020. It got introduced to use artificial intelligence to address challenges with climate change and clean up the earth.

Not only that, Robert Downey Jr. has raised his voice through different platforms on several occasions. His efforts toward the betterment clearly show that he is a real-life superhero. 

Robert Downey Jr.'s height. How Tall is Robert Downey Jr.?

So how tall is Robert Downey Jr.? It might surprise you but Robert Downey Jr. is not as tall as you might think. He just stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in (176 cm). Talking about his weight, he weighs around 78 kg (172 lbs). 

Robert Downey Jr. wearing a black and white sweatshirt poses for a picture
Robert Downey Jr. posing for a picture. Source: Instagram
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