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Facts of Tom Holland

Birth DateJune 1,1996
Full NameThomas Stanely Holland
Birth NameTom Holland
Birth CityLondon
Birth CountryEngland
Father NameDominic Holland
Father OccupationComedian / Author
Mother NameNicola Holland
Mother OccupationPhotographer
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusRelation
Height173 cm
Weight64 kg
SibilingsHarry Holland, Sam Holland, Paddy Holland
AwardsBAFTA Rising Star Award, Saturn Award, Empire Award, Golden Schmoes, Spotlight Award, Jupiter Award, Blimp Award, People's Choice Award
FilmographyThe Impossible, Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Uncharted, The Crowded Room
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Thomas Stanley Holland, also known as Tom Holland is an English actor. If you are a Marvel fan then you are surely familiar with Tom Holland. Well, if you don't know then he is a famous actor. He portrayed the role of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Tom Holland is a very talented actor. And the fact that he has secured one British Academy Film Award and three Saturn Award clearly speaks for itself. With his portrayal of Peter Parker, he managed to gain the name and fame he has as of now. 

The Spider-Man famed actor has a Guinness World Record as one of his accolades as well. He has even earned a name for himself as one of the most popular actors of his generation. 

Let's know more about Tom Holland. How did he start his career? How much is his net worth? And is he dating anyone at the moment?

Tom Holland's Early Life

Tom Holland was born on 1 June 1996 in Kingston upon Thames in South West London. If you are curious about how old is Tom Holland? Then do know that Tom Holland's age is 26 years old as of 2022. 

A young Tom Holland wearing a black sweater carrying his brother
A young Tom Holland posing for a picture while carrying his brother. Source: Wattpad

The Spider-Man famed actor was born and raised by his parents, Nicola and Dominic Holland. His mother used to work as a Photographer while his father was a Comedian and Author. 

Tom Holland has three brothers with whom he shares a close relationship. Harry Holland, Paddy Holland, and Sam Holland are the names of Tom's brothers. 

Tom Holland's Relationship with his Parents

Growing up around creative professions, Tom Holland always got inspired by his parents. He even started considering his father as his role model for all the work he had done. His father even assisted Holland as his manager because of his experience in the entertainment industry.

Spending time with his family allowed Tom Holland to create a strong bond with each other. Not to forget, he doesn't shy away from showing his respect and love for his parents. This clearly shows the close relationship between Holland and his parents. 

Tom Holland's Relationship with his Brothers

With the portrayal of Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tom Holland made a name for himself. But it might be a lesser-known fact that all of his brothers are actors as well. 

Harry Holland and Sam Holland are twins. Both of them have appeared in a few projects as a twin. Not only them, but Paddy Holland has also worked as an actor as well. All of them are working hard to make it big in their professional life.

Tom Holland in the middle wearing a suit laughs around his three brothers
Tom Holland along with his three brothers. Source: Instagram

But when it comes to their personal life, it is fair to say that they are inseparable. Growing up in each other's presence has allowed them to have a strong bond. And the love they have for each other can be easily seen.  

Tom Holland's Academic Background

For his schooling, the Spider-Man famed actor attended an all-male Catholic Preparatory School. However, he got diagnosed with Dyslexia when he was just Seven years old. 

And because of this, Tom Holland's parents wanted him to get the necessary attention. So they sent him and his brothers to a private school. 

Later, Holland attended Wimbledon College, a voluntary aided Jesuit comprehensive school. And after graduating from Wimbledon College, he went on to attend BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology. 

Tom Holland's Professional Life

You guys might know Tom Holland as an actor. But while growing up, he had a hard time deciding what he wanted to do in life. He even considered several career choices. Among those choices, Dancing was something that Tom Holland was good at. 

As a kid, the Spider-Man famed actor was a huge fan of Janet Jackson's songs. He would often dance to her songs. This impressed his mother. Tom's mother even went on to enroll Holland in a dancing class. That is how Tom Holland went on to become a Dancer. 

How did Tom Holland Start his Career as an Actor?

When Tom Holland was Nine years old, he performed in a Dance Festival along with his school group. During his performance, he got spotted by a choreographer, Lynne Page. Without wasting any time, she organized an audition for Holland. 

Young Tom Holland from the film "The Impossible".
Tom Holland in his debut film The Impossible. Source: Warner Bros

After some hard work and training, Holland finally secured a role in a theatre play. Throughout his time in that play, he received positive reviews. 

Little did he know that good thing were yet to come for the young actor. In 2012, Holland made his big screen debut as an actor in the film "The Impossible". With an outstanding performance in his debut film, he received a lot of praise from the critics as well as the audience. 

After making such a strong debut, Tom Holland went on to appear in the drama film "How I Live Now". Not only that, he even lent his voice in a supporting role for the drama film "Locke". 

Breakthrough in Tom Holland's Career

Little did Tom Holland know that he was going to be one of the most popular actors. His performance in every project that he appeared in brought a lot of praise to him. Within no time, he appeared in a miniseries "Wolf Hall". He even went on to appear as a teenage sailor in "In the Heart of the Sea".

Soon after, Tom Holland got the breakthrough role he always dreamt of. A long-time Spider-Man fan signed a six-picture deal with Marvel to play the role of Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man. As a kid, he had a collection of 30 costumes and bed sheet covers. This clearly showed how obsessed he was with Spider-Man. 

Ever since then things haven't been the same for the English actor. Being able to deliver a strong performance as Spider-Man helped him to gain a huge fan following. Since then he has appeared in different projects one after another. And it is fair to say that he deserves everything he has as of now. 

Tom Holland in Billy Elliot the Musical 

As you do know that Tom Holland started his career through theatres. During his theatre days, Tom Holland used to perform in "Billy Elliot the Musical"

But at first, Tom Holland used to play Michael, Billy's friend. Later, he got the opportunity to portray the lead role. Tom Holland even made a cameo in the British version of Billy Elliot the Musical Live. 

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe

As mentioned above, Tom Holland signed a six-year deal with Marvel back in 2015. Russo brothers even mentioned that Holland's dancing and gymnastics background is the reason behind casting him. 

Spider-Man using his suit to fly around
Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spiderman Far From Home. Source: Marvel Studios

Tom Holland went on to make his debut in Marvel Cinematic Universe with the film "Captain America: Civil War". Everyone loved Tom Holland's portrayal of Spider-Man. Stan Lee even said that when he thought of the character while writing the comics, it was the same age and height as Tom Holland. 

As of 2022, Tom Holland has appeared in six Marvel projects. After "Spider-Man: No Way Home", he announced that he will be taking a break for some time. It is not confirmed when we will be seeing the English actor wear Spidey Suit again. But no doubt, it will definitely happen in the future. 

Tom Holland's Spider-Man Suit

It is common for a superhero to have a new suit or upgrades in a suit in Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Holland's Spider-Man has also seen a few upgrades or completely new suits in different movies. 

Among all the Spider-Man suits that have made their way into Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Suit at the end of "Spider-Man: No Way Home" seems to be the most accurate to the comic version of the suit. 

The following list shows the Spider-Man suit that we have seen in different movies. 

  1. Stark Suit (Captain America: Civil War)
  2. Homemade Suit (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
  3. Iron Spider Suit (Avengers: Infinity War)
  4. Stealth Suit (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
  5. Upgraded Suit (Spider-Man: Far From Home)
  6. Integrated Suit (Spider-Man: No Way Home)
  7. Black and Gold Suit (Spider-Man: No Way Home)

Will Anyone Replace Tom Holland as Spider-Man?

Ever since making his debut as Spider-Man, Tom Holland has managed to become a fan favorite. Anything can happen in the future but as of now, there are no reports regarding the replacement of Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

As of now, everyone must be familiar that Tom Holland did not voice the character of Spider-Man in the animated series "What If...?". And as per some reports, he won't return to lend his voice for "Spider-Man: Freshman Years". 

Will we see Tom Holland as Peter Pan in the new Peter Pan Movie?

No doubt, Tom Holland is a very talented actor. However, it is not confirmed whether we will be seeing him as Peter Pan in the new Peter Pan movie. 

There were some rumors about him portraying that character. But there hasn't been any official confirmation until now. 

Tom Holland's Appearance in Lip Sync Battle

Back in 2017, Tom Holland appeared in an episode of Lip Sync Battle. During that episode, he went against Zendaya. No one thought Tom Holland would perform in such a way when he started dancing in the song "Umbrella".

Tom Holland in a girl dress up while performing in the song "Umbrella".
Tom Holland as a girl in the Lip Sync Battle. Source: Comedy Central

Tom Holland went on trending with his performance. He even went on to win the Lip Sync Battle against Zendaya. Ever since then his performance has garnered total views of 68 Million.

Did Tom Holland host the Oscars 2022?

Before the event got organized, Tom Holland was rumored to host the Oscars 2022. Several reports started surfacing on the internet about this situation. However, Tom Holland clarified that he won't be able to host the Oscars 2022 because of his tight schedule. 

Tom Holland Movies and Tv Shows

Tom Holland is still very young. But despite being a young actor, Tom Holland has 37 projects (Movies, Short Films, and Tv Shows) under his name as per IMDB

Let's have a look at the movies and tv shows that Tom Holland has appeared in.


  1. The Impossible
  2. In the Heart of the Sea
  3. Captain America: Civil War
  4. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  5. Avengers: Infinity War
  6. Avengers: Endgame
  7. Spider-Man: Far from Home
  8. Cherry
  9. Spider-Man: No Way Home
  10. Uncharted

Tv Shows

  1. Wolf Hall
  2. The Crowded Room

Tom Holland's Net Worth

With an outstanding performance in several projects, Tom Holland has not only managed to cement a legacy of his own. But he has also managed to accumulate a good amount of money to his fortune.

As of 2022, Tom Holland has a net worth of around $18 Million. The vast majority of his net worth comes from his career as an actor and various brand endorsements as well as sponsorships.  

Tom Holland's Car Collection

When it comes to fulfilling a hobby, Tom Holland doesn't shy away. He is a huge fan of Cars and over the years, he has managed to make a pretty good collection of cars. 

Tom Holland with his new car, Porsche Taycan
Tom Holland with his Porsche Taycan. Source: Instagram

The following list shows the name of the cars that Tom Holland owns:

  1. Rolls-Royce Cullinan
  2. Porsche Taycan Turbo S
  3. Audi R8
  4. Audi E-Tron
  5. Audi Q7
  6. Audi A7
  7. Range Rover Sport
  8. Cadillac Escalade
  9. Audi RS7
  10. Porsche 911

Who is Tom Holland dating at the moment?

It is not a secret anymore that Tom Holland is dating his co-star, Zendaya Coleman. Ever since the pair got cast for their respective role in the first standalone film, they have been close with each other. 

To everyone's shock, Tom Holland got seen kissing Zendaya on 1st July 2021. They tried to maintain a private relationship. But gradually things started to unfold. Slowly both of them started posting pictures with each other which made their relationship public. 

More about Tom Holland's Relationship with Zendaya

Over the few months, Tom Holland's relationship with Zendaya has only got better. They are very much in love. And reports even suggest that they have both kept each other grounded. 

The reports from early February even suggest that the couple moved in with each other. They bought a six-bedroom home which is about four miles away from Tom Holland's parent's house in London. 

Tom Holland posing for a picture with Zendaya
Tom Holland and Zendaya on the sets of Spider-Man. Source: Instagram

As per reports from the New York post, Tom Holland and Zendaya have started touring a $5.35 Million five-bedroom house in Brooklyn. After buying their first house in London, this will be a second one for Tom Holland and Zendaya.

Did Tom Holland and Zendaya Break Up? 

It is very common for celebrities to attract numerous rumors. When it comes to Tom Holland and Zendaya, the rumors about their breakup are the most talked about. 

Well, the answer is no. Tom Holland and Zendaya are still together. And looking at their bond, it seems like they won't be breaking up anytime soon. As a matter of fact, their relationship just gets better day in and day out.

Tom Holland's Instagram and Twitter

It is quite common for the celebrities of this generation to be available on social media. The same goes with Tom Holland as well. He has already stepped into the world of social media. 

On Instagram, Tom Holland has 67.8 Million followers. Whereas he has made 1219 posts which clearly shows that he is quite active. 

Talking about his Twitter, Tom Holland has 7.4 Million followers. Through his Twitter account, he often shares his upcoming projects and lifestyle pictures. The same goes with his Instagram account as well.

Rumors of Tom Holland

As mentioned above, it is quite easy to attract rumors when you get famous. Ever since Tom Holland made a name for himself, numerous rumors have appeared on the internet. 

Is Tom Holland Gay?

People judge other people very quickly. They don't even think rather they directly jump to the conclusion which creates several rumors. One of the most talked about rumors is that Tom Holland is Gay. Is Tom Holland Gay?

No, Tom Holland is not gay. He is a straight person and even has a beautiful girlfriend, Zendaya. How did this rumor start? Well, the Spider-Man famed actor once said that he is open to his character Spider-Man coming out as Gay. But taking it in the wrong way, people have misinterpreted his statement. 

Did Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj Date Each Other?

NO! Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj didn't date each other. It was a viral dating joke on the internet that spread within no time. 

Tom Holland's Height and Physical Appearance

A child who made his debut in the film "The Impossible" to an adult who portrays Spider-Man, Tom Holland has come a long way. To give justice to every character he has portrayed, he has worked hard. If you go through Tom Holland's shirtless pictures, we can even see Tom Holland's hard work in bringing out the abs.

Tom Holland posing for a picture while coming out from the swimming pool
Tom Holland Showing up his Physique. Source: Instagram


It is fair to say that Tom Holland has managed to maintain a well-built body. Talking about his height, Tom Holland stands tall at a height of 5ft 8 in (173 cm). Whereas he weighs around 64 kg (141 lbs). 

If you compare Tom Holland's height with Zendaya's, it is quite evident that Tom is shorter than Zendaya. The height difference between Tom Holland and Zendaya is just 2 inches.  

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