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W'Kabi (Border Tribe) - Black Panther

Published Sat Jul 16 2022 By James Smith
W'Kabi (Border Tribe) - Black Panther

W’Kabi is the chief of Wakandan security who belongs to the Border Tribe. He is close to the Wakandan royal family as he shares a personal relationship with T'Challa. His tribe has been protecting Wakanda for a long time. W'Kabi follows in the footsteps of his ancestors and is prepared to serve the Black Panther. 


W'Kabi has always been loyal to the king of Wakanda. Coming from a family of fighters, he is a well-trained combatant. When it comes to the security of Wakanda, W'Kabi and his tribe is the most reliable one. 

W'Kabi holding a spear in Comics
W'Kabi in comics. Source: Welcome2Wakanda

At one time, T’Challa got wounded in an attack made by Doctor Doom. Wakanda becomes vulnerable to invasion by different rival forces. And, Shuri prepares to become the new Black Panther. At that time, W'Kabi showed his legitimacy, as he sacrifices his life to protect Wakanda.

W'Kabi in Marvel Cinematic Universe

In MCU, W'Kabi is the former head of security for Wakanda's Border Tribe. Not only that, he is a very good friend to T'Challa, the Black Panther himself.

Why did W'Kabi help Erik Killmonger? 

For a very long time, W'Kabi had a plan for revenge in his mind. He wanted to capture Ulysses Klaue, who murdered his parents. But his duties prevented him from taking any action, as he is always busy with border security. 

W'Kabi had faith in the king of Wakanda. But T'Chaka and T'Challa were not able to bring any justice so far. Because of this, he lost faith in them. 

Upon knowing about the death of Klaue at the hands of Erik Killmonger, he started supporting him. W'Kabi even helped him to take the throne of Wakanda. 

Is W'Kabi married to Okoye? 

After being the leader of the Border Tribe, W'Kabi found himself in the Tribal Council. He served his people alongside the king of Wakanda, T'Chaka.  

Because of this, W'Kabi crossed paths with Okoye. Both of them fell in love and eventually married each other. 

Appearance in MCU

In MCU, W'Kabi has a quite different story from the comics. Even though he is quite loyal to T'Challa, the Black Panther, he turns against him after losing faith in him.

W'Kabi listening to the conversation at the Tribal Council
W'Kabi attends the Tribal Council meeting. Source: Sportskeeda

Not only that, but W'Kabi also helps Erik Killmonger to take the throne from T'Challa. He even stays silent when Killmonger threw T'Challa from the waterfall. 

As of now, W'Kabi has appeared in only one MCU project. It is still a question of whether we will see W'Kabi in future MCU projects or not.

Leader of the Border Tribe

When W'Kabi and T'Challa were still young, Ulysses Klaue managed to enter Wakanda and steal Vibranium. While trying to escape, Klaue used a bomb at the border.

That bomb managed to kill various people from the Border Tribe including W'Kabi's parents. With revenge in his mind, W'Kabi started to train to become a fighter.

Later, W'Kabi became the leader of the Border Tribe. This allowed him to have a place in Tribal Council. 

The New King, T'Challa

After the death of T'Chaka, T'Challa got crowned as the new king of Wakanda. For his coronation ceremony, every tribe arrived at the Warrior Falls.

During the ceremony, Zuri asked whether anyone from any tribe wants to challenge T'Challa for the throne. When everyone refused to take a step, M'Baku stepped up.

And, W'Kabi supported T'Challa during the duel by cheering for every attack made by his king.

Friendly Advice

When the ceremony ended, W'Kabi went to feed his animals. Soon after, T'Challa joined him and expressed his happiness of seeing the growth of Rhinos. 

W'Kabi having a conversation with T'Challa
W'Kabi shares a brief conversation with T'Challa. Source: Deadline

After a brief conversation, W'Kabi insisted that letting refugees enter Wakanda will only bring problems. The king accepted the advice of the chief security.

Ulysses Klaue's Whereabouts

Soon after, they get interrupted by Okoye. Everyone is called for the Tribal Council meeting. Okoye starts to brief and shares about Klaue's whereabouts.

After knowing about that, W'Kabi insists that T'Challa take him on the mission. But, T'Challa hesitates because he does not want to compromise border security. Instead, he promises W'Kabi to bring Klaue back to Wakanda.

A Broken Promise

When Nakia, Okoye, and T'Challa returned from their mission, W'Kabi went to see them. He is left disappointed as he comes to know that Klaue had escaped.

Upon hearing that, W'Kabi shared that he lost faith in T'Challa, just like he lost his faith in T'Chaka. After sharing his disappointment, W'Kabi left the room. 

Meeting Erik Killmonger

While monitoring the Wakanda border, W'Kabi acknowledges a man who comes out from an airplane with a long bag. Upon questioning about the bag, Killmonger mentioned it as a gift.

After opening the bag, W'Kabi got surprised to see the dead body of Klaue. He then reported about the arrival of Killmonger to the Tribal Council

When W'Kabi started escorting Killmonger, he found the same royal ring that belonged to T'Challa.

Challenge for the Throne

Killmonger shares his true identity in front of the Tribal Council. When everyone starts asking for proof, W'Kabi shows them the Royal Ring

After proving his identity, Killmonger challenges T'Challa for the throne. W'Kabi attends the duel between T'Challa and Killmonger at the Warrior Falls.

Killmonger's Victory

After a fierce battle, Killmonger defeats T'Challa and throws him from the waterfall. While everyone gets shocked and upset, W'Kabi stands there without any emotion. 

The Rule of Killmonger

With this victory, Killmonger became the king of Wakanda. During his first meeting, Killmonger shared his plan with the members of the Tribal Council.

W'Kabi agreed to Killmonger's plan, but Okoye showed her disagreement. She had no other choice than to follow the orders of the new king of Wakanda. 

Argument with Okoye

When the Tribal Council ended, Okoye went to W'Kabi for a conversation. She questioned W'Kabi views for supporting Killmonger. 

W'Kabi and Okoye having a heated arguement
Argument between W'Kabi and Okoye. Source: Mashable

For every question Okoye raised, W'Kabi had a reasonable justification. After a heated argument, both of them left the room.

The Return of T'Challa

When Killmonger started executing his operation, W'Kabi stood beside him. But when the first cargo plane took off, it got destroyed. 

T'Challa destroyed the plane and returned to take his throne back. While Dora Milaje claimed the ritual combat is still not over, the Border Tribe went against T'Challa.

The Battle of Mount Bashenga

While T'Challa fought against W'Kabi and the Border Tribe, Dora Milaje aided T'Challa to fight against Killmonger

At one point, Okoye and the Dora Milaje were almost defeated by the Border Tribe but the Jabari Tribe arrived to help them.

All of them got involved in a fierce battle. W'Kabi even tried to take down M'Baku with the help of his Rhino. But, Okoye stood in the way and suggested that W'Kabi surrender, as there is no point in fighting their own people.

The battle ended when W'Kabi ordered his men to surrender. And on the other side, T'Challa defeated Killmonger by stabbing him with a spear.

W'Kabi's Ability

  1. Skillful Combatant
  2. Genius Tactician

W'Kabi's Equipment

  1. Vibranium Mambele
  2. Kimoyo Beads
  3. Blowhorn

Who portrays the Role of W'Kabi in MCU? 

Daniel Kaluuya portrays the role of W'Kabi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is a British actor who has received a number of accolades for his performance in various projects.

Daniel Kaluuya wearing a black suit at an event
Daniel Kaluuya during an event. Source: Yahoo Sport UK

Kaluuya definitely did justice to this role in the first Black Panther movie. But as per reports, Kaluuya will not reprise his role as W'Kabi for the sequel of Black Panther. 

Whether we will see someone else play this character or we won't be seeing this character in the movie is still a question. Only time will tell what is going to happen. 

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